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Infrared Photographic Prints for Sale

Coldingham West Loch Road, infrared photography.

Infrared Photo Prints ...


Infrared Photo Prints. Infrared photography goes beyond what the human eye can see and records it as an image seen in the IR wavelength. The human eye can see wavelengths fromĀ about 400nm-700nm (nm = nanometres or purple to red); infrared is the light beyond 700nm and produces very different effects. It is particularly effective in landscape photography where it can be used to produce surreal colour landscapes or high contrast monochrome photographs.

All prints can be frame mounted or can be supplied as a digital image. We use high gloss 230gsm photo card.

Larger images and canvas prints are also available, please get in touch for details. Supplied prints do not have watermarks shown on web site.

All purchases are produced to order. We will prepare your order as soon as payment has been completed and let you know when ready for collection from our Coldingham base. Images load in a random order on page load. Follow the links for purchase options.